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Dream, undertake, achieve

Crowdfund your business projects with our platform.

Benefit from professional support with our academy.

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Dream, undertake, achieve

Crowdfund your business projects.

Benefit from professional support throughout your campaign.

Who are we?

Dream Makers is a crowdfunding platform that supports business projects (startups) and active businesses.

It also offers an academy proposing different strategies for success accompanied by support to improve the visibility of their projects. This academy’s objective is to provide various support services adapted to all budgets.

It also provides a multidisciplinary and experienced team to help optimally promote its crowdfunding campaigns.

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What people say about us
The Crowdfunding course at the Dream Makers Academy is excellent. This course makes you aware of why…
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Pierre Labrie


I learned a lot from the latest modules. Everything I did allow me to have an overview of how…
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Christine Comeau


When I made the decision to go into socio-financing for my tropical eco-village project, I knew…
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François L.

I also had the chance to participate in the Mastermind this Sunday morning. By taking airtime…
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ML Goueth

I was ready to embark on my unique technology project. I searched to find the most person…
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Christian T.

Having followed the training on crowdfunding, I met an outstanding trainer at the same time! Guylaine is…
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Annie L.

Our latest articles

Crowdfunding: an opportunity for African entrepreneurs to realize their dreams 

Africa crowdfunding is gaining popularity on the continent. It is an alternative financing method that allows businesses to collect funds online from contributors.

Crowdfunding: how support can help you

Crowdfunding campaign support is a service that aims to help project creators succeed in their crowdfunding campaigns on a crowdfunding platform.

Understanding Crowdfunding

This article will explain crowdfunding, available types, and how to launch a successful campaign. We’ll also delve into the benefits and risks of crowdfunding to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right option for you…

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The crowdfunding platform and academy are committed to offering project owners a vast network of specialists to increase the chances of success of their campaigns and reach their goals.


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